Friday, February 1, 2008

Shad Ryon's Prosperity Secret #16

Welcome to Shad Ryon's Life of Prosperity Blog... Where I'll be sharing the secrets of a Prosperous life from my new book series... You deserve to enjoy the life of prosperity that is you birthright... that which is your natural state!

Secret #16 to a life of Prosperity:
We Become What We Think About! If you want to change your circumstances in life, you must first change your habits... And to change your habits, you MUST change your beliefs, your thoughts, & the words you speak! In a later lesson... you'll discover that your words, are actually more powerful than your beliefs and thoughts; but all three of these are determining your actions, habits, & the decisions you make in life... which has determined your current situation in life!

So, to live a true life of Prosperity... You must control your thoughts, words, and beliefs - which oddly enough, all work on each other as well! To start the process of contol... begin to control your programming... which comes from the books you read, the shows & movies you watch, the music you listen to, the people you converse with or listen to... and the words you speak, the thoughts you have!

Until next time... Shad Ryon ~ The Prince of Prosperity... wishing you much happiness, success & prosperity in 2008!